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Life is change. Not all changes are equal.

Helping you stay well

in significant life transition

so you can do your best work and

live the life you really want.

What's Your Transition?


Health Issues

When your body or mind changes – either through age, illness or accident – you will experience a transition into a new normal, which can be challenging to navigate. I can help you to in the process of adjusting and adapting to different ways of functioning.



Leaving behind a familiar setting and relocating to a new environment can be unsettling in big and small ways.  I can help you to understand and make sense of your responses in this transition, and to hold the tension between where you are and where you have come from.


Relationship Changes

 Your relationships have a significant effect on your experience of well-being.  When relationships change – e.g. through death, divorce, or distance – you might feel lost, alone and unsure of who you are and where you belong.  I can help you to find yourself again and to forge the network of support that you need.


Career Redirection

Whether it’s contemplating or preparing for a new career direction or retirement, or dealing with loss of employment through redundancy or burnout, I can support you to get and stay well, and to recover and maintain your confidence into the next phase of your life.


How do I help? -

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Neville has been interviewed on a number of podcasts around the topic of life transition, grief, relationships, relocation and much more. View some of these interviews below.

What my clients are saying!

At the end of most sessions, clients are asked to rate their experience with regard to:

  • Feeling seen, heard, and respected
  • Meeting their goals and addressing the topics most important to them
  • The therapist’s approach in working with them.
  • Their over all experience of each session

Most clients express high to very high satisfaction with their work with me, with more than 90% rating their experience at 7 out of 10 or higher and more than 80% rated their overall satisfaction at 8 out of 10 or higher.

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